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Wiser's 23 YO Cask Strength Blend

Another Masterpiece from the Master Blender

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@paddockjudgeReview by @paddockjudge

1st Jul 2020


Wiser's 23 YO Cask Strength Blend
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  • Brand: Wiser's
  • ABV: 64.3%
  • Batch: L19267EW1145

Don Livermore has given us many fine whiskies during this past decade. Wiser’s 23 YO is my favourite, yes, even above Legacy.

This bottle is now open five weeks and sits half-full. Sipped neat from a Glencairn glass. At 64.3% a.b.v. this whisky is not for the faint of heart.

N: Sweet and inviting, a hint of brown sugar and butter. Not overly aggressive, yet far from gentle. Light fruits with ripe Thompson seedless grapes leading, Granny Smith apples and fresh apricots following. 22/25

P: Butterscotch with the emphasis on B U T T E R. Butterscotch Life Savers at 64.3% a.b.v. Sweetness, then heat bordering on boldness. Upon entry I’m tempted to hold this, but my inner-glutton compels me to complete the task. I release the deliciousness and I’m immediately overwhelmed by intense joy. Upon the exit my Whisky G-spot is triggered, lit-up, set ablaze…I didn’t know I had one! Hahaha JOY! 25/25

F: The goodness lingers…and tingles. A faint oaky bitterness, not dirty, but pleasant. The joyful sweetness persists. There is no burn, no unpleasantness, only the strong desire to continue. I repeat, again, and again, and again. The enjoyment does not diminish…wave after wave of enjoyment. The butterscotch is intensified by the ample a.b.v. A refreshing breeze of mentho-lyptus brushes past, so fast and so gentle that I question if it is real or imagined. 24/25

B: Clean, tasty, and addictive. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but beautifully imperfect. Sweet and bitter, the long-aged corn whisky has teased bitter notes from the experienced casks, perhaps a splash or two of rye lends itself to this as well…not 23 year-old rye, yet rye mature enough to arouse the sweet corn which has slept for 23 winters….or perhaps more. 23/25

Without any doubt, my favourite Canadian Whisky.

I am thankful our Whisky Team is looking out for me. Excellent scouting by @fiddich1980 and a successful harvest by @Nozinan landed me a handful of these at a 30% discount.


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