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With or without the box ?

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cave started a discussion

I wonder if it is possible to buy regular malts like the Glenfiddich 12y or the Highland Park 12y without the box ? I know for example that the Irish Bushmill 10y is available with or without the box ... and there is a remarkable price difference. I always keep one box, but I don't need multiple boxes of the same Malt. Why pay for it then ?

14 years ago

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jeanluc replied

Interesting, never really given this any thought. What kind of price difference are we talking about?

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Pierre replied

I always get rid of the box straight away, I know some people like to keep the bottles in them but I prefer quick access! Surely it would be more environmentally sound to offer bottles without. I'd choose the unboxed version on that basis regardless of price. Would say know to a price decrease mind!

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markjedi1 replied

Like Piero, I always get the dram directly out of the package and add only the bottle to my cabinet. That said, I do have a space in my study where I keep at least one of each packaging for my collection.

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cave replied

@Jean-Luc: did some more research ! Seems like the price difference is not that remarkable ... only €2 difference ...

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Lee replied

Having a degree of environmentalist in me I'd prefer to see very little if any packaging. I'm only interested in what's in the bottle. A good bottle and label design grabs my attention. So scrap boxes save trees and all the carbon made in producing them and make the whisky cheaper!

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@cave: Great topic. I didn't know that. Tx for posting.

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