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Writers Tears Pot Still Blend

Definitively Irish

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@MegawattReview by @Megawatt

23rd Mar 2012


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Here is a relatively new style of whisky, dubbed "pot still blend." Unlike your typical blend it is not just a mix of grain and malt whisky. Rather, it is a blend of Pure Pot Still and single malt whisky. The difference might be confusing to some but let's just say that PPS whiskey is unique to Ireland, and so a pot still blend is also unique to Ireland.

Nose: directly from the bottle you get sawdust and raisins. In the glass it is soft yet also a bit prickly. There is a metallic tang, followed by hints of wood and suggestions of apple and grape. After a while, more sawdust, a bit of woodsmoke. Pleasant but understated; you need to get your nose in deep to tease out the creaminess of the malt.

Taste: sweet with a hard, crisp attack. Peach/apricot flavour at first, reminiscent of Jameson, but with more guts. No mistaking that this is Irish. Slight oaky bitterness as it develops. Not the most rounded delivery ever but certainly has its charms.

Finish: decent length, slightly bitter. Fruity overtones.

Balance: a good example of pure Irish whiskey. A bit rough around the edges but overall quite satisfying.

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michaelschout commented

My girlfriend wanted me to buy a bottle of this cause she's an artsy type and thought the name was cute. I'm kind of glad I didn't now though. According to your review there's nothing desperately wrong with it, but I know I would have shunned it in favour of better whiskies. Glad I got to read a review of it though!

9 years ago 0

Megawatt commented

Jim Murray was much more generous in his review (93 points). I like it well enough but at around the same price I think I'd prefer Bushmill's 10 or Redbreast 12.

9 years ago 0

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