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Your Favourite 'Home made' Blends

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RianC started a discussion

As I'm sure many on here do, I often like to experiment mixing two or three whisk(e)ys together to make something unique.

From memory one of my first 'successes' was making my own bourbon style drink from Mellow Corn, Bulleit Rye and some Glencadam 10 with a ratio of about 4:1:1.

Over the summer I had some Black Bush and a bottle of the new Dunville's VR 10. I found the former a bit too bitter on the finish and the latter a bit 'fresh' on first contact. Adding about a teaspoon of the malt to the blend worked beautifully, improved the finish no end and, imo, made for a better drink than the two on their own.

What prompted me to start this discussion though was a little treat I concocted last night. Glenfarclas 101 with a 6 Ledaig in a ratio of about 4:1 (although I could have got away with less of the Ledaig I think. I let it sit (lid on) for a good hour and it needed a splash of water to open up. What a whisky! I'd have scored it 88 easily, maybe more. If I wasn't on the last dregs of the 101 I'd happily fill a 500ml bottle with that concoction.

I'm also after recreating an older bottling (70s/early 80s) of a Teacher's blend I came across, literally in a cupboard, at my Mum's a few years back. I have a single cask 8 Ardmore and want at least a 12 year old grain whisky to marry it with. I'll also need a good sherried malt, and possibly something honeyed/Highland style to round it off. This one is a 'project' for next year . . .

What about anyone else? Are you prepared to share your secret master blender recipes ;) ?!

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I've only started playing with this idea recently. My Compass Box Oak Cross is good, but not great on its own. Yet it makes for a great base. I've married it with Glenfarclas 12 and found that Oak Cross was much improved with the addition of a bit of Farclas. A CB to GF ratio of 3:1 is very pleasing. Also, a CB to Talisker ratio of 4:1 is incredible. I didn't think adding a tiny bit of Talisker to Oak Cross would make such a difference, but it really did. But the most remarkable difference I've found in my burgeoning experiments has been the addition of a tiny bit of Redbreast 12 CS to plain ol' Jameson. It takes only the tiniest bit of Redbrast to drastically improve Jameson. I'm thinking of mixing the Talisker and Glenfarclas 12 in equal parts to make a smoky, sherried dram. Great discussion idea. I hope @paddockjudge will chime in, as he seems to be a master of these things.

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RianC replied

@Victor - Ah apologies! Not meaning to step on toes, as it were. I did have a quick look at the discussions but didn't see any relevant one, nor had I since I joined!?

Perhaps there's a way of adding this to that thread? A thread blend relaxed

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