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21:12:2012 apocalypse whisky

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By @thecyclingyogi @thecyclingyogi on 29th Oct 2012, show post

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maltymatt replied

The same for me,Lagavulin 16 have what a man need when he` s going to the final sip!!@Lars

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TomH replied

a little late in posting, but because of an out of town friend visiting I hosted an impromptu get together on Thursday night where I brought a couple of Pappy 23's (including a special bottling that I had participated in), Pappy 15, Van Winkle rye, George Stagg, Sazerac 18, a new Angels Envy Cask Strength and several other bottles. In addition to the whiskey, I felt compelled to hit the beer cooler and pull out a bottle of La Fin Du Monde. Burgers, bourbon and beer, even though the world didn't end, we would have gone out happy !

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