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Reviews by @AboutChoice

Ballantines 12 Year Old

A Refreshing Alternative Ballantines 12 Year Old

Scotch blends are all good, as blends go … they are created and tested to perfection over many years … so how can I possibly review and critique a successful blend that has been around for decades !? The…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice11 years ago 0 687

Rowan's Creek Bourbon

Big Depth of Flavor Rowan's Creek Bourbon

Rowen’s Creek, 12 year, small batch Bourbon, produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers, Ltd, Bardstown, KY, is part of their Small Batch Collection: Noah’s Mill, Rowan’s Creek, Pure Kentucky XO, and Ken…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice11 years ago 0 388

Hirsch 1987 20 Year Old

Fire Water Hirsch 1987 20 Year Old

Hirsch Selection, Special Reserve American Whiskey is unique, and was bottled one time, after aging for 20 years. It was bottled by Hirsch Distillers in Weston, Missouri, whose stock was later acquired…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice11 years ago 0 340

Bruichladdich Rocks

ROCKS My Cradle Bruichladdich Rocks

Suppose that you would like something more interesting and assertive than a Speyside, but less overwhelming than tar in a bonfire. Well, Bruichladdich ROCKS is one of my favorite go-to, all-rounder malts…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice11 years ago 1 1092

Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

Bourbon With a Soul Vintage Bourbon 17 Year Old

I had been passively looking for Vintage 17 Bourbon, and its cousins from the same distillery, for quite some time. Then while recently traveling, I decided to stop in for a browse at a spirit store…

@AboutChoiceBy @AboutChoice11 years ago 0 898