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I'm a student of extended education, progressing toward…


St. Louis, MO


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I'm a student of extended education, progressing toward the end of my second bachelor's degree, majoring in biology;minoring in biology; in preparation for medical school. I always viewed single-malt Scotch, or whisk(e)y in general, as a hardened old man's drink. Recently, however, I was inadvertently baptised into what it means to truly love and appreciate a fine, fine dram. I visited a whisky bar, which I had never heard of prior, and was urged to experiment with some more expensive Scotch expressions. At the time, I was very much convinced that all whiskies were basically the same and the only significant difference was the age. While it's laughable, looking back on it, how little I knew then, I quickly became obsessed with learning more. Soon I was doing research and homing in on some entry level single-malts to build my palate.

Now, I've sampled enough single malts and compared my notes with those of professionals and feel confident that I'm ready to begin posting my own reviews.



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