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Reviews by @JoeMcPhee

Auchentoshan Three Wood

Mmm Auchentoshan Three Wood

Deep amber with some orange coloured lowlights. The nose is really quite lovely. Lots of woody barrel character along with a lot of vanilla and caramel character. Lightly floral with a little bit of soft…

JBy @JoeMcPhee9 years ago 0 286

Isle of Jura Superstition

A real gem Isle of Jura Superstition

Rich amber-gold, almost tending to orange. The aroma is richly peaty with a nice heathery component as well. Floral and a little but spicy as well. There is a light bite of alcohol lending a long peppery…

JBy @JoeMcPhee9 years ago 0 187

Woodford Reserve

Creamy goodness Woodford Reserve

Deep rich golden colour. The nose is loaded with vanilla and toffee as well as some sweet oak. Burnt sugar and some lovely light fruitiness. A little bit of white pepper and a touch of mintiness on the…

JBy @JoeMcPhee9 years ago 0 082

Forty Creek Barrel Select

Canadian quality Forty Creek Barrel Select

Tawny amber pour. There is a significant peppery/spicy edge to the nose with a little bit of alcohol. It opens up with a touch of light vanilla and some butterscotch in addition to a little bit of rye…

JBy @JoeMcPhee9 years ago 0 281