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Reviews by @Maltmaniacmate

Connemara Peated

Machine meets vanilla Connemara Peated

This review is based on 4 months of researching from top to bottom of a (initially) full bottle looking for answers. Always intrigued, always a little baffled. This peated Irish whiskey met me from the…

@MaltmaniacmateBy @Maltmaniacmate7 years ago 0 082

Hazelburn 12 Year Old 2010 Release

Smooth and sweet Hazelburn 12 Year Old 2010 Release

A sweet and pleasant whisky. This may develop over time, but based on the first dram this is a mellow whisky that doesn't attack you with complexity but has all the smoothness one could hope for in a…

@MaltmaniacmateBy @Maltmaniacmate7 years ago 0 387

Ardbeg Uigeadail

Nectar of the gods Ardbeg Uigeadail

A beautiful combination of sweet influences and peat. Here's a lot going on from saltiness to sweetness and all kinds of wet burned wood in between. It's like being in a sauna with sherry on the coals…

@MaltmaniacmateBy @Maltmaniacmate7 years ago 0 1095