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giving single malt scotch another chance. about 8 years…


keller, texas


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giving single malt scotch another chance. about 8 years ago i wanted to get to learn to enjoy single malt scotches. i was horribly scarred by the glenmorangie 12 Madeira cask (i think, it's been so long). i was new to scotch and thought it would be smooth, warm and fuzzy. it was not. it was so hot and rough going down i had to choke it down and i couldn't finish it and refused to. my brother had to choke it down by himself. after that bottle i stopped, reflected and thought to myself i didn't want anything to do with single malt scotch if this was how it would taste. just last week (6.07.13) i again dived into the world of single malt scotch but this time i was smarter. i began speaking to a liquor supplier who was at the store the same time i was there browsing. i asked him if he had any suggestions for some better bottles and ones that wouldn't burn to much going down. he steered me to aberlour 16 and i found aberfeldy 21. so i purchased both and tried them and finally understand the love affair with single malts. they were the dram i was looking for when i mistakenly purchased the glenmorangie. maybe my pallette will be refined enough to enjoy the burn of glenmorangie someday just not today.

UPDATE 9.7.13 i've come to realize after much more research and experimentation this time around. the reason the glenmorangie 12 madeira cask felt hot, peppery and SO rough going down during my first experience of scotch 8 years ago was because of improper nosing/tasting. So I gave glenmorangie another chance this time and purchased a bottle of the glenmorangie 12 quinta ruban. To me it's still hot and peppery so I'm not a fan of glenmorangie but it's not as bad as previously experienced.

i'm not much of a drinker and so i like to sip, savor and enjoy rather than chug or choke down my liquor. any bottles/distillary/or age that contributes to my preception of a difficult dram to nose/swallow/savor/enjoy i would not hesitate to set it aside and offer it to my worst enemies.


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