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A Steal of a Deal ?!

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By @HP12 @HP12 on 13th Mar 2011, show post

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Astroke replied

@RikS odd is an understatement for the LCBO.

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PeterG7 replied

Wandered into Winn Dixie (Clermont, Fl) wine and spirits and picked up Glenlivet Founder's Reserve for 31.99. Regular price was 46.00


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Nozinan replied

@PeterG7 That's still $31.99 more than I would pay for that expression. I found it almost undrinkable.

For that price you could get a bottle of OGD 114 - now THAT'S WHISKEY!

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PeterG7 replied

@Nozinan Oh well, I can always use it for cooking.

3 months ago 0

Nozinan replied

@PeterG7 Tastes differ.

I'm a bit arrogant when it comes to approaching NAS releases meant to replace reasonable entry level age stated expressions. I was biased when I tried it. I really did not like it though.

But also, although I am very active on this site, and enjoy reading about and learning about whisky, outside of tastings where I try to hold my own, I don't seem to find the opportunities to drink a lot. So when I do I really have to make It count, and I tend to stay away from "ok" whiskies" in favour of "wow" whiskies unless I'm doing a blind tasting or a review.

So while I don't apologize for not liking Livet's Founder's Reserve, there was no intention to impugn your tastes.

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Nock replied

Just picked up a bottle of Westland American Single Malt Whiskey on clearance for $35.09. With tax it came out to $37.19. I think this counts as a Steal of a Deal

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RikS replied

For anyone in the UK, Amazon has an independent seller that's selling out the Kavalan ex-Bourbon Oak for £25 (compared £79 at MoM).

From Serge at whiskyfun: Kavalan ‘ex-bourbon-oak’ (46%, OB, Taiwan, +/-2017) Four stars Colour: straw. Nose: simple and perfect. Oranges, vanilla, a little earth, and little pastry, some barley, some sweet ale, a touch of mango. Ultra-classic ex-bourbon maturation, flawless if not totally mindboggling. Mouth: very good, I think. Once again, it’s pretty simple, but everything falls into place, oranges, vanilla, mangos, maracuja, marzipan, frangipani… Indeed, very good. Finish: medium, fresh, not too bourbon, excellently mastered. Comments: I wasn’t ready to go this high – and indeed there’s no age-statement, not even some cryptic codes that I could see - but I can’t think of anyone who’d dislike this very perfect vatting. Single casks are one thing, but doing this kind of vatting is a more difficult game. Success! - 87 points.

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RianC replied

Eagle Rare 10 £28 in ASDA and on Amazon. Great price for one of my favourite bourbons right there.

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RianC replied

MoM have Uigeadail for £46 and Corryvrekan for £56 - so just over £100 for the pair! All due to Father's day sales I presume but I've never seen those two that low.

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