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Aberlour 12 Year Old Double Cask Matured

Sweet and Punchy

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@noodlexyzReview by @noodlexyz

2nd Jan 2010


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I picked up this bottle without doing too much research on it (I usually take my time and do my homework to find a great drink)and man, did I wish I did my homework on this one! Its very hard to get a good nose out of this scotch due mostly from what I can tell to its high alcohol aroma that completely overpowers everything except for the sweet smell of brown sugar. The palate starts out very sweet again with the brown sugar out front transitioning into an apple and pear like fruitiness. The lack of sherry though is disappointing.

Up to now, even though the nose and ect. was disappointing I'm still enjoying this scotch but it is in the finish that it really loses what I gained up front. This particular scotch finishes very harsh, there is no real transition from the sweet fruit to the oak and smoke finish and the alcohol bites very hard in between. This would makes it hard to enjoy for the casual drinker and for the more experienced there are better scotches out there for the same price with more balance and complexity.

Overall I would not personally buy it again but if someone is looking for a very sweet scotch this one might not be a bad choice for the price.

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jdcook commented

That's a bit disappointing, especially given how good a lot of the rest of the aberlour range is.

13 years ago 0

kywildcatfan commented

I totally agree with noodlexyz's review. I did give Aberlour 16 year a try...wow! A very rich sweet scotch. The extra few years really make a difference, you should give it a try.

13 years ago 0

laz0r_viking commented

Did you add a dash of water while you were tasting? I found this to open up slightly more of the complexities of this Aberlour.

13 years ago 0

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