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Amrut Fusion

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3rd Nov 2010


Amrut Fusion
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Nose, Taste, Finish and Balance are graded out of 2.5 each:

Nose: A changing-room of a nose, with the smell of fresh mud and spray-on deodorant. A more rustic interpretation would be that of smoking compost and wet hay. In either environment we are accompanied by a peculiar but surprisingly delicious snack of barbecue-charred lemons. 2.0

Taste: There is a sweeter approach to the palate, having come in from the changing rooms or from the compost heap in the wet field outside, we are soothed with the warm taste of sweetened aubergines and aniseed cake. Very soft and mellow. 2.0

Finish: Break-time is now over. To snap us back into action we have a Fisherman's Friend lozenge, a very intense minty and herbal explosion, one from which the dust settles quite quickly. The lingering sweet mineral aftertaste is if we were sucking on a toffeed stone that had been thrown out from the blast. 2.0

Balance: A very different whisky, one which quite effortlessly moves between peaty smoke and chemical sweetness, without ever going too far to either extreme. Complex yet balanced, assured yet withdrawn. All of which is highly accomplished at a higher octane 50% abv. This blending of Scottish and Indian barley has attained a very successful 'fusion' of flavour, and like much fusion cuisine, keeps you entertained throughout. 2.0

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monty commented

One of my favorites. Amazing character for such a young whisky!

13 years ago 0