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Amrut Fusion

Dusty road to Bangalore

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@CognacFanReview by @CognacFan

5th Aug 2012


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First I got to say that I have special relationship with Indian culture; it fills up a part of my youth. Amrut being from India, based in Bangalore, when it landed on the shelves, I was eager to get my hand on a bottle. I was in part lucky because it sold out in about a week-end and for 60 CAD$, it’s a good deal around here.

The bottle I am reviewing is batch No. 13 bottled in June 2011. It’s nice of Amrut not to be shy and to let us know clearly what batch it is, big thanks. This bottle as been open for about three months now and the whisky as evolved but not in a drastic way.

Nose: On the nose the first thing I get is sweet milk chocolate, something not present in the first weeks after opening. It’s also fruity, something like grape. There is also a faint hit of smoke.

Palate: Here follows the milk chocolate, it’s actually the first time I’ve had chocolate "in" a whisky. Again some fruits, grape and now starfruit, a fair amount of peat, some spice and some bitter oak.

Finish: Long, fruity with the starfruit following up to the end, drying. There is also this impression that I can only describe as the feeling/flavour of a dusty road, from the arrival all the way to the finish witch I, personally, find pleasant.

It is a bit fiery and tends to numb the mouth, but the nose and the palate are bright and vivid. Could it be that the spirit is a bit young? Maturing in a hot country would have me guess that the cask influence gets to the spirit quicker, not giving it enough time to mellow out. For me this whisky as a good balance, there is also a little bit of everything in here witch make it interesting.

All in all it left me with a good impression and I would add that it has a exotic feel to it, setting you to go out and explore...

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Wills commented

First review, gratz!

I guess you are right with the young dram and the fast maturing process due to the hot/humid climate in india. I am looking forward to try Amrut some day, just have to finish some other bottles, you know ;)

8 years ago 0

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