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4th Jul 2015


Amrut Fusion
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The reviewed sample is from a 50 ml mini bottle, given to me by @Nock. This is at least the fourth bottle of Amrut Fusion from which I have tasted, beginning in 2011, but it is the first review of Amrut Fusion which I have written

Nose: strong intensity malt and wine flavours. The malt is deep and shows both medium and low-pitched cereal flavours and a little grassiness. The wine flavours combine nicely with the malt. You notice sweet first, but get a good dry balance as well

Taste: the translation to the mouth is quite good, and with a real vibrancy. This is a very malty whisky, with some very lively wine flavours

Finish: rather long finish...and the wine flavours evolve very nicely and with a great deal of complexity. This is an elegant finish, which is not a comment I make about many whiskies

Balance: there is a good balance throughout the time-sequential tasting experience

Previous bottles of Fusion I've tasted rated from me: 1) 72 (@dbk's 2011 bad batch bottle), 2) 95 (an otherworldly peak experience of evolving flavours), and 3) 85 (much better than the first experience, but not in the league of the second experience)

Casting @dbk's bottle aside as an outlier, this little mini represents to me as very-close-to-the-mean of my other experiences of Amrut Fusion

If I were to buy a standard bottle of Amrut Fusion now, I would guess that it would taste very much like this little mini does. Amrut Fusion is a nice whisky, but I prefer all of the various Cask Strength expressions which Amrut makes to this 50% ABV expression. Thanks again, @Nock!

Strength: good strong flavours throughout. Score: 23/25 points

Quality: all of the flavours are very good in quality. Score: 22/25 points

Variety: the subtly evolving wine flavours are a work of high art and great beauty. Score: 23/25 points

Harmony: there is a good cooperation and balance of the various malt and wine flavours. Score: 22/25 points

Total non-sequential score: 90/100 points

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Nozinan commented

Amrut Fusion was my first introduction to this distillery. The only time I have tried something with a lower ABV was at the SOT tasting in Toronto last year. Nothing by them has failed to impress me.

I have a couple of Fusion minis unless I gave one away. You can get them sometimes in Calgary. Do you know what batch yours was? If they are the same batch I might open one to compare impressions, especially as I strive to discover which of the flavours I'm tasting is the one that is "malty".

8 years ago 0

Victor commented

OK, @Nozinan. My mini bottle says "B No 7" and next line, "Aug 2010".

Got to say, this little Amrut Fusion mini tin is adorably cute.

8 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

It certainly is. That's a lot of trouble for a mini. I've seen cannisters on other minis though, like Springbank 15.

Sadly, My minis appear to be B 22 March 2013. So no direct comparison. I'll live. I'll probably crack my full size bottle before I open a mini.

8 years ago 0

BigJoe commented

@Victor a fairly positive and informative review. One to put in the back of my mind for a future purchase perhaps. Have not tried any from this neck of the woods

8 years ago 0

Victor commented

@BigJoe, Amrut is a first-rate brand. With the exception of that one bottle of @dbk's Fusion, every single experience of, maybe 14 total experiences I've had with Amrut, has been a very positive one. The Intermediate Sherry Matured and Portonova releases in particular, and their Cask Strength releases in general, have been excellent.

I do not mean to demean Amrut Fusion, but I merely to point out that I have seen more batch and quality variation in this one than in the other Amruts. 89 points is a high score in my book, indicating a very high quality whisky.

8 years ago 0

Nock commented

Thanks for the review @Victor! I am glad to read it, and I am grateful that you gave it a fair examination. I think your experience accurately reflects my own. I have now had 3 of these minis in the past with one more left for a future tasting. I found it extremely hard to really come to grips with this batch on my first taste. By the 3rd I really found myself enjoying it. I am looking forward to picking up a full bottle soon (along with Portonova, and Intermediate Sherry).

8 years ago 0