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An Englishman's Adventures in Bourbon

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MuddyFunster started a discussion

About a year back I was a single malts man. I started dabbling in Bourbon and now it's temporarily superseded my desire to drink single malts.

I tend to like the sweeter, fruitier Bourbons that have more of a Cognac vinous profile.

Loving the Pappy Van Winkle stuff, even the standard 10 year old. Also a fan of the different Four Roses releases, particularly the Single Barrel stuff and the standard bottling. Liked most of the Buffalo Trace stuff including the standard bottling. And also really like Elijah Craig 12 year old. Like the WL Weller 12 year old but not as good as the Van Winkle standard bottlings as some have suggested

Have been slightly disappointed with:

Eagle Rare 10 yr old Woodford Reserve (aroma is great but taste a little hot) WL Weller Antique 107 (not as mellow as the 12 and a little hot) Knob Creek Bookers 7 yr

Have the following bottles stored for prosperity:

George T Stagg 2014 Four Roses Small Batch 2014 Parker's Heritage Wheated Bourbon 2014 Old Rip Van Winkle 10 Year Old Blanton's Gold

Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Would love to hear your thoughts. Bear in mind a lot of this stuff is more expensive and harder to get in the UK

What do people think of Elijah Craig 12 Barrel strength?

8 years ago

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Victor replied

@MuddyFunster, my bourbon suggestions are on my two Desert Island bourbon lists, and in the various previous Connosr bourbon discussions.

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is one of the best bourbon products on the market. Your repeated mention of "hot" makes me think that you are somewhat alcohol averse, so it is possible that ECBP might seem too intense for you without water. There are now a few reviews of individual batches of ECBP on Connosr. I have done 3 of them so far myself.

You are doing quite well to be able to source some Van Winkle. Those are now very tough (or expensive) to get in the US too.

That 2014 Parkers Heritage Collection bottle of yours is actually a wheat whiskey, and not a wheated bourbon.

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MuddyFunster replied

@Victor Thanks Victor. The hot thing is a bit weird. Some higher alchohol bourbons have been great, others not. My palate can be curious. I sometimes get a soap like reaction to both Bourbons and Scotch, which can be unpleasant too. I've yet to figure out what I'm reacting to. I'm curious about Elijah Craig because I like the regular 12 year old. If the barrel proof is a more intense version of that then I need to try it.

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Victor replied

@MuddyFunster, some whiskies of all genres will give you soap,...and to me, the taste of soap on a whisky is the kiss of death. Jim Murray says that soap flavour in whisky is a flaw originating from bad casks/barrels. Fortunately, I have only experienced a relatively few whiskies which were ruined by soap, but even one of them is too many in my book.

Don't put off opening that George T. Stagg for very long. The 2014 is a great release, as George T. Stagg usually is.

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sengjc replied


I find the Elijah Craig 12 Year Old to be a good solid drink but if you find the Eagle Rare 10 Year Old to be hot, you may encounter the same with this.

Based on what you have described as your preference in Bourbon, I will recommend trying some Rock Hill Farms. I have a bottle open at the moment and I find it to have some Cognac/Armagnac/rum-like qualities - quite a sweet profile becoming dry but fruity on the finish and not cloying in the slightest.

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