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Angel's Envy Port Barrel Finish

Heavenly Expression 10/10

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7th Apr 2011


Angel's Envy Port Barrel Finish
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Not singing from the same hymn book, legendary Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson has flipped the bourbon spiritual paradigm in a new direction by offering Angel's Envy. Aged in new oak charred barrels 4-6 years and finished 3-6 months in port barrels, this is a first in bourbon world.

With angel wings displayed on the bottle and appropriately on the "spirit" side of the classy cork top, the buzz has been flying high in anticipation of this unique bourbon.

Confession made that this review was tasted neat and hand warmed in a 12 oz. snifter.

Nose: Creamy caramels in vanilla, minty, macerated bowl of very ripe summer fruits or berries. Oak and port wine seep hand in hand from the beautifully balanced sweet aromas.

Palate: Lightly spiced with those vanilla and caramel cream notes surrounded by hints of cocoa, mint, currants and port in a lightly oiled smooth package delivered with ease.

Finish: A little peppery buzz on the tongue which lingers within this medium length finish that sustains those porty, oaky notes throughout my attentive tasting ritual.

Non-chilled filtered, this is a delightful new arrival for whiskey world enthusiasts. A very enjoyable and smooth experience which is sure to encourage more distillers to search and pray for their "angels" to arrive and join this heavenly party.

Definitely a bottle that will likely have a steady presence in my cabinet. With rumors of a cask strength expression to be released near the end of 2011, I will be on my best behavior to savor this tough to find bottle in preparation for my next. Pass the collection plate!

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jeanluc commented

Lovely to see an early review of Angel's Envy, very much looking forward to this hitting the UK.

Worth noting that Kyle Henderson is now a member of this site: www.connosr.com/members/kyle-henderson/

13 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

Not only an early review, but a very nicely written one as well. Thank you for sharing this, @HP12. Sounds divine (pun intended)! I'll be on the lookout for it.

13 years ago 0

Victor commented

I read online that Lincoln Henderson, formerly a distillery manager at Woodford Reserve and Old Forester, has set up his own company Louisville Distilling Company. Distillation at his company just started in Fall 2010, so do you have any idea where the current 4+yo Angel's Envy was distilled? Also, what is the "10/10" in the review title?

13 years ago 0

HP12 commented

@markjedi1 thanks for the comment and the pun is appreciated in the "spirit" of my review.

@Victor thanks for the appended info about Mr. Henderson. As for the 10/10 reference, the original release date was planned for 10/10/10 but Lincoln declared the whiskey not ready for bottling. Thus the initial release date passed but with the name of the expression remaining as 10/10. The corks are unique as they have "expression 10/10" burned into the circumference of the cork with the angel wings logo on the "spirit" underside of the stopper.

Regarding the distillery where this expression was sourced seems to be a well kept secret with some speculation that it came from a distillery where Lincoln was involved.

13 years ago 0