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Announcement about the future of Connosr

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By @jeanluc @jeanluc on 12th Apr 2024, show post

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vanPelt replied


I was last active 7 years ago (so... I have a 7-year old child now), and I was just returning here today, to consider a re-vamp and to catch up on the latest news.

So I can't believe I caught this news 2 days before the end. I remember proposing ideas for this amazing version of the site-- If I recall, the bar-graph displays were derived from one of my ideas. And then I was testing beta-versions of it, to work out kinks.

I understand Discord has become a place for some kiddos, so that may make sense. I glanced once and found it as perplexing as starting with Slack or GitHub. So I want to say that there are already very good self-run communities at Reddit (for me a more intuitive interface), with a couple 100k members: www.reddit.com/r/Scotch/ www.reddit.com/r/bourbon/ www.reddit.com/r/worldwhisky/

This website was such a gem. Unbelievable value for exploration I was doing-- and that's just speaking of the decade-old version of the site. It then became top-notch for UI.
Thank you so much, Jean-Luc, for those wonderful years.

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Nock replied

I just popped in to wish @Victor a happy birthday and @Nozinan a belated happy birthday. So, I am a bit surprised to find the site is (more or less) closing down. Can’t say I am shocked, but it was a great place to meet and chat with other like-minded whisky enthusiasts. I am not sure I will make the leap to discord, but I am happy to have been introduced to so many whisky friends here. Cheers!

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paddockjudge replied

A toast to all who have spent time with the Connosr community.

From those who casually dropped by to those who have gone beyond polite banter and extended a hand, especially when it had a glass of good cheer in it. May you all experience good health and great happiness, and above all, be kind.

I offer a special dram for a special group of friends.



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Nozinan replied

Thanks again @jeanluc and @pierre for so many years of bringing us together in fellowship!

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YakLord replied

Slàinte, @jeanluc & @Pierre! See you on Discord in a couple of days.

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