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The Antiquary – a blend that is marketed by the owners of Tomatin – recently got an overhaul. The bottle still has its signature diamond shape, but is taller and more modern. Apart from the classic 12 and 21 Year Old, there is also one without an age statement. That’s the one I will try today. Dirt cheap, for sure. Apart from Tomatin and grain, this is also rumored to have other malts from the Highlands, Speyside and even Lowlands.

Sweet malt, grain cookies, green garden herbs, vanilla, oranges and stale beer. That is the nose of this Antiquary in a nutshell. And to be honest: it does not rock my boat. Far from it.

The body is okay-ish, but on the palate I first get the ale, then some citrus and white fruit, followed by some pepper, ginger and something that reminds me of ferns. A little bit piquant and even somewhat spirity.

In the short finish I get some more white fruit and a touch of woodsmoke.

Apparently this bottle won a silver medal at the IWSC in 2015. I’m not impressed. Could it be because I am sipping it on the hottest day of the last century?


The Antiquary 12 Year Old is bottled in a rather odd and old looking bottle, but that is hardly relevant. It is produced by Tomatin and thus contains this single malt as signature. But also other Highland, Speyside and even Lowland malts are used, as is grain whisky.

The nose is very sweet with loads of sugared breakfast cereals and marzipan. Walnuts and honey. Fresh and fruit: mostly white fruit, but also a slice of mandarin. This is more than okay.

Hmm, good body. Very oily to creamy with sweet apples (some cider) up front, loads of honey and citrus (peel included) and toffee. The oak rears its head with some spices. But all of it remains very accessible without really tasting the tastebuds.

The finish is not very long, on mostly malt, caramel and a bitter touch.

All in all a very easy drinking blend, that will disappear quicky during a game of cards. Combines well with apple pie! Less than 35 EUR. There is also a NAS version, named Finest, and a 21 Year Old.

Sorry, this is a review of the 12yo... I'll repost. Apologies.

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