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Ardbeg 10 Year Old

It's Ardbeg, Jim but . . .

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@RianCReview by @RianC

31st Oct 2018


Ardbeg 10 Year Old
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My first Connosr review was an Ardbeg 10 over a year ago now - how time flies! I've made it no secret I'm a big Ardbeg fan and make it a norm to have at least one bottle of the ten a year. So how is this one holding up then?

Review is from a double pour, neat but sat for ten minutes or so. Bottle has been open a few weeks with about a third gone.

Nose - Classic Ardbeg . . . which is, for me, TCP, some brine, smoke, chocolate lime sweets and quite a creamy vanilla malt note with this bottle. More rounded and less of a peaty punch than other bottles (but I am being overly pedantic; through over familiarity, perhaps?). Still good though, and clean.

Taste - Lime sour at first then it develops into creamy vanilla with some distinct barley notes (which is unusual). A little thin on the mouthfeel it has to be said as well. Oh and liquorice(y) peat, of course.

Finish - Medium-long. There's a lingering of the lime sourness, peat tang and the familiar bellowing upsurge of smoke is, well, kind of there, but it's also a little less prominent than other bottles I've had. More of a waft than a bellow. Some pleasantly bitter tannins.

This is still clearly a bottle of Ardbeg 10 but it's definitely a little different than other bottles I've had. It's as if the neat pour gives what other bottles did after I'd added water; which, by the way, does not help this at all - it loses any peat 'hit' and becomes too watery. This is better, for me, after a non peaty whisky as it emphasises the kind of notes that I'm after here. It's still very good but perhaps not quite stellar or going supernova.

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Nozinan commented

Well, from what I hear, the Supernova is no longer being produced, the last release being 2014 I think.

You make me want to open my 10, and my Corryvreckin, and have a vertical tasting with Oogy...

5 years ago 2Who liked this?

RianC commented

@Nozinan - I have a Corry open and it makes the ten look quite tame.

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

BlueNote commented

A friend gave me a sample of Ardbeg Kildalton last weekend. Now that is one I would love to get hold of. Still love the Ten though and will always have one on hand even if it is a bit variable lately. It's the one that turned me onto peat about 15 years ago.

5 years ago 2Who liked this?