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By W @Wierdo on 22nd Aug 2019, show post

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BlueNote replied

@Nock I think @fiddich1980 has a point. You could get 3 Corrys and 2 Oogies for the price of the 19.

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Victor replied

@BlueNote that's right, someone forgot to salt the beans. "Zydeco" is an evolved form of "(le)s_haricots" .

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Nock replied

@BlueNote sadly not the case in my area. The Uigeadail is $80 while the Corry is $85. I could maybe get 4 bottles of Uigeadail and be $20 over the 19yo price or I could pick up 3 bottles of Corry and save a bit of money.

But that isn't the situation I presented.

Now, I am not saying this is happening . . . but I am saying it "might."

My mother-in-law has money (so does my father-in-law . . . but he never spends anything). On occasion we will be out somewhere and she is feeling generous. It may be because she just bought my wife an $800 dress or a $2,000 purse. And she might turn to me and simply say, "Which one would you like?" Now for her the difference in $300 or $550 is not a big deal. It really is more about getting the one you want. Now if I asked for the $1333 bottle of Lagavulin 25yo that would probably be pushing the generosity too far. But she wouldn't bat an eye if I picked the $550 22yo over the $300 bottle of the 19yo. Further, she wouldn't really think I was "saving" her any money. In her mind I would really be buying the 19yo because that is the one I want.

It is a situation that happens occasionally and without warning. We could be in a shoe store or a clothing store and she will simply ask, "Is there something you really want here?" And often I will say no. Sadly, that was the moment. There is no rain check. There is no deposit to be used later. There is no feeling of "she owes me one," or, "I can ask her the next time." It was just a generous offer that is taken or not in that moment. So I have to be on my feet.

In that situation what would you say between the three?
My birthday is in about a month. It is entirely possible that her daughter (my wife) might very well tell me the same, "Pick the one you want." Granted that would still be my money . . . but I would have permission. And that always feels like free money to me.

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Nozinan replied

@Nock oogy is $173 here, Corry is $201.

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Nock replied

@Nozinan on the bright side if the 19yo shows up at $300 or $350 it will seem like a bargain!

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