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14th May 2014


Ardbeg Auriverdes
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Ardbeg - what can I say. Personally I'm tiring of the hype a little bit. Committee this and super special committee that and silly prices. But anyway....

This was sampled along with a number of much older Ardbeg's at our recent tasting session.

Is it good? Yes. Personally I prefer it over the Uigeadail.

Nose: Well it's all tars and engine oils, followed with a little tart apple skin maybe a hint of smoked lemon (do they do this), some kind of unusual resin vanilla, coal or charcoal and antiseptic (but not the TCP Lagavulin kind). Interesting.

Palate: One of our members described it (quite humorously) as the following. Imagine lighting a bonfire on a stony gravel beach in West Cork (Ireland). Leave it burn for a bit using both coal and wood. Lob in a few Cuban cigars. Then put out the bonfire using a combination of lemon juice, apple juice, old engine oil, salt and antiseptic. Leave it cool down. Scope up the ashesremains, mix with water and drink!

Finish: Long, dry, ashy and some kind of smoked nuts. Not sure which kind though....

Final verdict. Yes it good. I'm sure it will fly off the shelves. It's a NAS and that is apparent - if you look hard enough. This would probably be stunning as an 18 year old.




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Rigmorole commented

Are you a woman? It's nice to hear from a woman on this site. Your review is quite good. Thank you. It's interesting how you say you prefer this one over the Uigie. For me, since the Uigie is a sweet sherry cask creation it is different, but your review seems to indicate there are similarities. . . . that is intriguing.

10 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Generally speaking, women have keener noses and sharper taste buds (the nose is infinitely more complex as a sensory organ than the mouth). The whisky connosr community needs more women, if you ask me.

On another subject, women are also more natural shooters with pistols since their nervous systems do not shake as much as men's and they blink less often. Little known facts.

10 years ago 0