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Ardbeg Supernova

A bit of a gimmick this I'm afraid.

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@JohnoftheYardReview by @JohnoftheYard

30th Aug 2009


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I'm a fan of Ardbeg and I've tasted most of the range that is generally available and like to think I know a little bit about whisky and so I know this review may seem a bit controversial.

On the nose I'm totally blown away by the spirit with a huge hit of smoke and a feeling that someone has just stuck a handful of crushed black pepper up my nose, not a pleasant experience.

The first sip of any high strength whisky can take your breath away and this was no different, massive hits of smoke, black pepper and a nasty taste of dried chilli flakes.

With water nothing really changes, I added 25% then 50% and cleared my pallet but nothing could improve the flavour I'm afraid to say.

Sadly I feel this is a bit of a "look as what we can do" drink a sort of vindaloo for whisky and whilst I no doubt will receive some criticism and possibly some questions as to my gender I feel the harsh tone is justified as I don't think there is any excuse for this kind of nonsense, by all means make peaty drinks but not so overpowering as to render your senses dead in the water.

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Anonymous commented

An honest review - sounds like Ardbeg have missed the mark this time

12 years ago 0

JohnoftheYard commented

I think they have, just too overpowering ruining any of the subtle notes and flavours.

12 years ago 0

MuddyVitae commented

I have to agree with you. This isn't a whiskey you savor, it's a curiosity that you unravel. While I'm amazed by the pyrotechnical display of flavors (dry erase marker, peppers, endless peat, barbecue sauce, I could go on), it doesn't really amount to a sipping drink. It's a good bottle to talk about, and maybe everyone should try it once, but I would never buy it again or order it in a bar.

12 years ago 0

cartermclean commented

Would have to disagree here. Supernova is in my top 5. ITs a great dram!!! If your not into peat yes this is NOT your thing but I love the intensity and the finish lasts for days!!!! It opens up about 25 30 mins and the nose is great. To each their own. Cheers!

11 years ago 0

paulrpotts commented

I don't think I'd rate it as low as you did, but having tasted the 2009 Supernova a few times now I partly agree. The huge peat and ABV do tend to numb the tongue and palate, and I think there is a tendency for some of the more delicate notes to be overwhelmed. I think I like the Rollercoaster a little more. Both are very young whiskies and I'm starting to think I like my Ardbeg to smooth out a little bit more.

11 years ago 0

mster commented

Hi john, since you have had tasted a wide range of ardbeg's other expression, which would you say are your favorites? And why. Just a curios question. Ta.

11 years ago 0

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