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Ardbeg Uigeadail

Burning Farmer's Fields in a Glass

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RReview by @Rigmorole

20th Jan 2013


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Peaty goodness, vanilla, stewed prunes comin' atcha! Yes, the body is huge and the palate diversifies into dark smoked chocolate, with some white wine vinegar perhaps, and a trace of gasoline fumes, along with bonnie heather. I also catch a passing whiff of the smell of farmers burning their fields in fall to purify the earth for the next crop in spring. In Oregon, the farmers, especially hay, wheat, barley, and lawn turf farmers, burn their fields and if you are not too close to the burning field, it smells delightful in the distance.

The Beist was my favorite Ardbeg, but alas, it is no more.

Galileo is a pale shadow of Beist. It is less "sucking on a charcoal briquette" than Uigeadail or Corryvreckan, which is even stronger.

I would like to try the Alligator at some point. I know in my heart of hearts that Ardbeg makes a great scotch, but my tastebuds just can't get past the tar and charcoal at this point. It tastes even more poisonous than most hard alcohol to me!

Wish I could have tried the Supernova, even though that was probably even even more "scorched earth" than the Uigedail. If the Galileo was cheaper, I'd buy a bottle even though I don't really love it because the complexities aren't in there for me. Still, it's quite good.

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Rigmorole commented

I will amend my "gasoline" reference and replace it with turpentine. I should have said "turpentine" not gasoline

6 years ago 1Who liked this?

FMichael commented

I recently aquired 3 bottles of Uigeadail at a very good price, and did so without trying it 1st (so many here rated this whisky so highly I thought it would be a 'no-brainer')...

Well - to say I'm disappointed would be a tad bit harsh, but I honestly believe a score in the 80's is appropriate; all I've gotten so far from this whisky is smoke/alcohol burn/mild sweetness with a bit of water...

Maybe it's me - maybe my taste buds are on a vacation - maybe I need to give it more time?..So far I'm not overly impressed, and if given a choice between this, and a Lagavulin 16 yr - I'd take the Laga each, and every time.

6 years ago 0

DaveM commented

When I was in the liquor store I was going to purchase the Uigeadail, but the Arbeg Corryvreckan was on sale for much less. I wonder if I should have picked up the Uigeadail instead?

6 years ago 0

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