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Ardbeg Uigeadail


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mReview by @mattatec

9th Jul 2013


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A result of a visit to the whisky exchange shop in London (highly recommended if you're in town).

The nose is what's fascinating to me with this bottle. Not the greatest nose ever but it hides it's character so well. You initially think you're sniffing a rich highland, Islay character is well in the back until it hits your mouth.

Nose - Young, fresh pine and oak wood with big alcoholic/varnish hit. Marshmallow, pear, melon and green apples. Peat is there but you almost have to go searching for it. Great complex stuff.

Palate - Initial toffee sweetness with the pear and melon, followed by a dry oak meshed with peat smoke. It's immediately complicated but well balanced. Smoked fish and medicinal tongue numbing. Not as sweet as the 10 from what i remember. Some sea salt and then dark sugar returns. I know it's finished in sherry casks but thankfully this is perfectly married. It lends to the sweetness but does not rule like in many sherried drams. It's perfectly delicate and at the same time robustly masculine.

Finish - Long and incredibly dry which I love. Round and satisfying. Almost perfect balance of salt, toffee and smoke. Minutes later the notes of sweet wood and mild antiseptic are still arriving in waves.

This is a well reviewed and loved whisky and for good reason. It's a classy/powerful bottle no doubt.

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Rigmorole commented

It was better when the whisky in it was older

8 years ago 0

Bigtuna commented

What batch was it?

8 years ago 0

MCM commented

yeah, curiosity strikes, what is the batch number? Sometimes hard to read, on the back, below the label.

8 years ago 0

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