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Ardbeg Uigeadail

A dark and mysterious place

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@conorrobReview by @conorrob

10th Oct 2013


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In my reviews I never take water.. against my better judgement I have decided to stay consistent and leave the water for this CS Scotch.

Nose: I can't work it out... but I will try my best. So It's sweet but peaty. I can almost smell the moors and hills of Scotland. A touch of raisin, linseed oil?? like you would use to prep wood and maybe a whiff of halloween honeycomb. Too deep for me to fully understand.... will buy a second bottle to re evaluate in a few years. 17

Palate: Wow, its CHEWY! Leaving my tongue smothered in lusciously warm oils. Not as sweet as I expected... definitely a twang off barbecue sauce followed by a flood of dry smoke. Peat, peat, peat.Tantalisingly good. Powerful flood of alcohol but well rounded and not off putting ... I have been saddened in the past by weaker whiskies having a rough alcoholic edge but this one is well rounded and surprisingly comforting. Manuka honey is present on the roof of the mouth and teeth. Rich and unrelenting. 24

Finish: Long. Very dry, and honey smoked. My favourite finish of any whisky I have tried. My tongue and mouth is still engulfed in its wonder almost 5 minutes later. 24

So the nose put me off... thats right I couldn't quite get on with it. I was disappointed I must admit.. that was until I took up the courage to taste. I now understand the reviews. It's complex and full of character .... unlike anything I have ever tasted before. Bad review I know but I have nothing else to praise or critique. It makes for a wonderful and special dram.

Lives up to the translation of its name. I continue on my long and enjoyable search for a scotch I can review at 90.

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conorrob commented

I'm going to have a second go tonight... With a touch of water as I have been advised that it may open the nose up for me... If it does I may have found my 90!

5 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Check out the discussion on batches. Earlier batches of the Uigie had older whisky in it.

5 years ago 0

conorrob commented

See that makes more sense. Not as good as the hype but bloody good! With water the nose opened a little but didn't improve in my opinion so I am keeping the score as is.

5 years ago 0

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