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Ardbeg Uigeadail

A complex lingering finish...

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@BARutledgeReview by @BARutledge

15th Feb 2015


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Appearance becomes a bit cloudy with water, almost like an unfiltered Hefeweizen. Drinking it out of a snifter makes for a very different (better) experience, than drinking from a standard scotch glass.

  • From scotch glass, splash of water: Nose-21: light and misleading, leather, black pepper, apricot jam Palate-23: fruit, old wooden trunk, cold dry soil, peat, smoke, cooked brown sugar Finish-24: Complex, two-tiered, light smoke, and syrup, then heavy peat, and (mesquite?) wood Balance-22: the complexity of this scotch may be outside of my pay grade, but it certainly took me for an enjoyable ride Overall-90

  • From snifter, larger than average splash of water Nose-23: Potent, nostril-clearing, cedar, mint, iodine, light-peach? Palate-21: Heavy pronounced Peat, honey, sweet marzipan, sassafras root syrup, table salt Finish-24: light smoke and peat, then a pause in flavor before a wave of heavy smoke that tingles on the tongue rolls through Balance-23: dramatic changes from one flavor to the next, imposing, but never unpleasant. Overall 91

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cherylnifer commented

Nice review BARutledge. Curious; which batch number of Uigeadail is this review based on ?

4 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

When you say standard scotch glass, do you mean a tumbler or a glencairn?

4 years ago 0

BARutledge commented

Thanks, good questions...

Cherylnifer - As soon as I submitted the review, I realized I didn't mention the batch number. I have L13 058 15:21 6ML. Recently purchased in Hermitage, PA, USA. Maybe a week has passed between opening and reviewing.

Nozinan - I am referring to a tumbler.

4 years ago 0

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