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Arran Sherry Single Cask - 11yr

Apricot Jam and Bread Pudding

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12th Jan 2011


Arran Sherry Single Cask - 11yr
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This whisky is a special offering from The Arran: Sherry Single Cask #452, 1998 (distilled) -2009 (bottled). It was bottled at cask strength: 56.2%. The color (young sauternes) is pretty light for a whisky matured 100% in an ex-sherry cask.

I love swirling cask strength whisky in the glass, as the rim line of the high-level mark beads up quickly due to the high alcohol content. The legs are strangely thin.

Nose: Not sweet like sugar. Rather, apricot jam. A bit winy. There appears to be some oakiness in it. Orange marmalade (which is what I get quite a bit when tasting heavily sherried whiskies). I'm not exactly in love with this nose. It reminds me of a liqueur. Not because it is super-sweet, just because that nose is unreal.

Body: Heavy body, really fills the palate.

Palate: Wow. This is a strong whisky. Really wakes up the senses. There is a nice roundness to this malt. Must be from the oak. The whisky really warms the mouth. Incredible, really. Delicious apricot jam, and pudding. Bread pudding. Good bread pudding, with the bourbon sauce. Sweet bread, raisins, spice!

Finish: More orange marmalade. Spice rises a bit, then lingers. Pretty long finish, but that is expected with a 112 Proof whisky! The tongue is still tingling... I'm getting a bit of saltiness on the third and fourth pull. I can't detect any peat or smoke. Just a little salt and pepper!

This is really a fantastic whisky. At 56.2% I expected it to hit like a ton of bricks (like the Macallan Cask Strength I am used to). However, it didn't rip my palate apart, deadening my taste buds by overpowering them. Instead, I rather enjoy holding this whisky in my mouth, tasting and experiencing the flavors before bracing for the finish!

If you like bold, powerful whiskies with a sweet finish, check out this one. Everyone needs a good whisky to enjoy after you've already enjoyed one or two, and this would fit the bill nicely! Today I have tasted the Aberlour 18yr, Aberlour 16yr, Aberlour 12yr, and now this great whisky from The Arran. Even after those great whiskies, the Sherry Single Cask delivers an amazing power to keep and hold my attention.

This is now the flavor profile I am going after with future purchases: cask strength & 100% matured in ex-sherry butts. Perfect.

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jwise commented

I am once again enjoying this fine whisky, and the comments made earlier are spot-on. Especially the remark about it being a great "after-after" malt. Today I have tasted Johnnie Walker Gold Label, the exceptional Glenfarclas 15yr, had two pulls from Edradour 10yr, and am finishing off the night with a dram of the Arran Sherry Single Cask. Even after all those fine whiskies, this one still has the power to bring it home!

13 years ago 0

LeBudfrumHull commented

Nice review and a great description the the malt. I'm also blown away by this whisky ,the nose the palate are all top notch and quite distinctive... it tastes like no other. I'm very impressed with this dram.

13 years ago 0

jwise commented

Tis wonderful, isn't it!?

13 years ago 0

Andrew2364 commented

Half my family hail from Arran, so it's not the place I would have associated with good malt. However your review has peaked my interest so I think I'm going to have to get a bottle sent down for the festive season.

11 years ago 0