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Auchentoshan Classic Bourbon Oak Cask

Where the Flavor Isn't

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RReview by @Rigmorole

18th Feb 2013


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Nose: Grass, sea salt, gypsum.

Palette: Pralines, Greek yogurt, carpet glue, hay bales and slight hint of grassfire smoke. The mouthfeel is thin and invasive, gathering unpleasantly around the teeth and gums.

Finish: Flat and short: Dried grass, river water, rock salt.

All told, I like this better than a cheap bourbon or a cheap Speyside any day, even though it is quite underwhelming. Still, it does offer a nice "buzz" if that's what you are looking for without much else.

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Rigmorole commented

This is one of the least expensive single malts at Highland Stillhouse. Hey, the price was right, but I won't be ordering another glass any time soon.

Still, this said, if I were at a party and this was the only single malt, with other choices being the typical blended Irish whiskies, cheap bourbon, overly hopped beer, or less than impressive wine, then then I would gladly and gratefully drink the Auch Classic with a little water on ice. It might also be quite pleasant with club soda on ice.

9 years ago 0

markjedi1 commented

All very true @rigmorole. This is the least interesting Toshan and hence their entry level offering. I hope you will try some other Toshan soon.

9 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Thank you, Mark. I admire your collection. I think it is your faith as the Toshan Man that will lure me back to try some of the better offerings from Auchentoshan. Well done. I like your website.

9 years ago 0

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