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Auchentoshan New Distillate (Stillman's Collection)

Baby Toshan

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@markjedi1Review by @markjedi1

12th Jul 2011


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The Stillman's Collection, available only at the distillery, contains 3 bottles of 5cl: new distillate, 1 Year Old matured on a bourbon cask and 2 Year Old matured on an oloroso sherry cask. I'm trying from full bottles of this stuff that could be found in the Blender's Room at the distillery. The alcohol percentages vary slightly from the minatures in the box. The distillate was cut from 80% to a strength of 63,5%, the strength that Auchentoshan spirit has when it's put to sleep.

The nose is very soft with pear and floral elements like violets. For the first time, I also get something I previously described as cauliflower, but is now more like wet hay.

Triple distillation makes for a very soft spirit, although the high ABV does give quite a kick. The taste is a mere continuation of the nose. That should come as no surprise, as no wood has had any influence on the spirit yet.

The finish is rather short and sweet.

This is quite different from the new make we tasted at the distillery at a whopping 81% ABV. But one thing is certain: Auchentoshan spirit is beautiful. While some new makes tend to taste somewhat 'off' or 'dirty', Baby Toshan tastes truly good. I wonder why they haven't marketed their spirit yet. I've mailed them exaclty that suggestion as I'm tasting this.

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