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Auchentoshan Springwood

Juno of the whisky business

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@RantavahtiReview by @Rantavahti

12th Aug 2013


Auchentoshan Springwood
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Auchentoshan Springwood was a great example of how liking isn't always logical. Especially when tasting something. This was the first dram for me, that had a very short finish but it felt like it made the whisky experience much better.

Wouldn't normally make sense but with Auchentoshan Springwood it did. I usually don't like whisky that has lot of stingy citrus (some would call it fresh citrus) and lots of other sharp aromas and taste. With Auchentoshan Springwood's short aftertaste the whisky felt much better balanced for my taste.

Of course the low ABV level has influence on the delicateness too. Pointy but delicate: Auchentoshan Springwood was like Juno MacGuff, character played by Ellen Page in the movie "Juno".

Nose: Vanilla and lime with a floral influence. Delicately crispy.

Taste: Zesty green apples with a touch lime, oak and hay.

Finish: Very short and nutty with the dry acidness giving you a delicate kick in the throat.

Balance: Like custom made for me, short finish balances this whisky for my taste. And it's soft enough not to kick too zesty.

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