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Auchentoshan Springwood

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Auchentoshan Springwood

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Auchentoshan Springwood

Auchentoshan released a range of no age statement whiskies and the Springwood is the entry level expression. As you would expect from Auchentoshan it has been triple matured. This expression has been matured in American Bourbon oak casks and bottled at 40% ABV.

The colour is light gold.

The nose is woody as you might expect from the name. It seems quite young and fresh. Honey, Vanilla, citrus and raisins. It is pleasant but not overly complex.

On the palate it is quite light, clean with lots of sweet honey, vanilla, slight peppery bite. A tang of bitter lemon and oak. It has the smoothness you expect from a triple distilled Auchentoshan.

The finish is drying and the peppery bite remains. Slight citrus but overall the finish is short.

@Frost, that's not a bad comparison although this is slightly sweeter and much nicer than what I remember of the Three Wood. I thought the 3 wood had too much wood. It was slightly acrid with wood but then that was over a year ago. I remember it almost had a cedar edge to it which I didn't like very much. This is a warm weather dram for me and for the price it's a very enjoyable dram. The clean Auchentoshan profile is evident and it is well put together if not overly complex. The finish is not very short but with only short, medium and long as catagories it leans medium to short and whilst juicy has a slight drying edge from the oak and peppery tang. I would happy share a glass of this with friends.

@tjb an interesting review - I've got a bottle of the Springwood waiting to get opened.

It reads like a younger, under strength Auchentoshan Three Wood. Down to the peppery finish (although I don't find the Triple Wood drying on the finish). Is there similarity between these drams?


Auchentoshan Springwood was a great example of how liking isn't always logical. Especially when tasting something. This was the first dram for me, that had a very short finish but it felt like it made the whisky experience much better.

Wouldn't normally make sense but with Auchentoshan Springwood it did. I usually don't like whisky that has lot of stingy citrus (some would call it fresh citrus) and lots of other sharp aromas and taste. With Auchentoshan Springwood's short aftertaste the whisky felt much better balanced for my taste.

Of course the low ABV level has influence on the delicateness too. Pointy but delicate: Auchentoshan Springwood was like Juno MacGuff, character played by Ellen Page in the movie "Juno".

Nose: Vanilla and lime with a floral influence. Delicately crispy.

Taste: Zesty green apples with a touch lime, oak and hay.

Finish: Very short and nutty with the dry acidness giving you a delicate kick in the throat.

Balance: Like custom made for me, short finish balances this whisky for my taste. And it's soft enough not to kick too zesty.


It is high time to try that new duty free range from Auchentoshan. This Springwood, matured solely on American ex-bourbon casks, is the successor of the Select, that will be slowly phased out (confirmed by the PR-people of my fav distillery). I was somewhat fearful of that news, because the Select is a nice aperitif entry level style Auchentoshan with a friendly price tag. But my fear was unfounded.

The nose is very light on vanilla, lime, lemongrass and chocolate cookies that spent a little too long in the oven. Dried hay, as well. Zesty is the keyword here.

The attack is light, fresh and zesty (again) on lime, vanilla dried grass and honey. A lot of grain. Clearly a young whisky. Skin of Granny Smith apples.

The finish is rather short and remains – here we go again – zesty and dies on hazelnuts.

Move over, Select! I have just discovered my new aperitif whisky. Classic Lowlander, so very accessible and delicate. According to my sources, casks between 5 and 9 years of age were married to create this one.

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