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Auchentoshan Valinch 2011 Release


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LReview by @Lifewaterforce

6th Jan 2014


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I have already tasted this whisky as i had a bottle from two years ago, when it was released. However, thinking that the Valinch series (without even mentioning the 2011 release) would be sold out by now, i found a 2011 release in a shop during my stay in Switzerland. I bought it for 43,90 euros, which i find excellent value for what is a very good "what-i-thought-was-discontinued" whisky.

Anyways this the second parter of my 2 weeks of christmas, which is a series i wanted to keep going but due to the hectic nature of the holidays, couldn't be done.

Let's revisit this modern classic..

Nose: A big unconventional limoncello/lemon rind meets the nose alongside it an "almost as big" bourbon-oak vanilla. The vanilla note is very complex but although it has vanilla cream as well as confectionary vanilla it is the vanilla pods that jump up at you. This hints to the high quality first-fill bourbon casks used, no doubt. Some barley-citrus notes with a delightful sweetness, a natural sweetness followed by some bitter wood-spices from the high-quality oak. Some mild spices and a more distinct camomile note, more "pure" herbal than "tea-ish".

Palate: High quality limoncello comes forward with the lemon rind in tandem as on the nose but this time with icing sugar, confectionary lemons (lemon drops) and lemon madeleine's (french fluffy vanilla-lemon cakes). Some baking spices: Cardamom and a slight cinnamon note, that camomile note appears again. The oak and vanilla take over for a while with vanilla cream first but leaving the scene for that florally vanilla pod note. Wood bitters and wood spices linger before some of that lemon rind comes back.

Finish: The limoncello note, lemon rind and bourbon-vanilla make up the finish as well as the overall character of this malt. It isn't the most complex whisky, but that is because it's complexity is not by design, it is by default. Meaning that it's big, "lemon-vanilla" rush, natural, cask strength firepower gives it enough natural complexity to give it a big mark in anyones book.

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Victor commented

Great review, @Lifewaterforce. Lots of variations of lemon and lots of intensity in the Valinch 2011. This one is a great one to try for those who have never yet found an Auchentoshan which they liked. I have a bottle of the 2011 Valinch too, and very much like it as well. I've heard, though, that the 2012 release was not as good as is this 2011 Valinch. Have you tried that one?

9 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Yes i sampled from a friend, and indeed the word of mouth is true, it's decent but lacks the depth. A tasty little so&so it remains however, would recommend the 2012 still, considering that, like this one it's of very good quality. You can be assured however that you still have the best version!

9 years ago 0

systemdown commented

Is there a 2013 version I wonder? Tried the Valinch at a bar a few months back, was blown away by the sweet pineapple notes, I thought it was fantastic.

9 years ago 0

Lifewaterforce commented

Apparently the series seems to have been discontinued. Which is a shame i think, but there may be some reason behind it as with some younger whiskies done as "experiments" initially by distillers. Maybe the people at toshan weren't prepared at the success that this series would have, so they didn't have a third years batch of this wonderful distillate soaking up the delightfulness of the fresh bourbon oak casks. Pity!

9 years ago 0

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