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Balvenie 21 Year Old Port Wood Finish

The Beehive

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@Stu_RReview by @Stu_R

10th Mar 2010


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Nose: A rather enticing mix of beehive aromas, rich beeswax and slightly floral honey dominate the nose alongside hints of juicy grape and light sultana. Some noticeably woody tones coming through with cedar and oak. Faint tropical fruit adds depth.

Feel: A little watery, lacks body and richness. The low strength really shows up here I’m afraid.

Taste: Swathes of sweet honey and the ever present beeswax. The oak comes in rather quickly but doesn’t overpower the sweetness. A little light fruit and maybe a touch of waxy orange push their way through as the tannins build.

Finish: Mellow and slightly floral. Satisfying but cutting up slightly on the oak. Medium length.

A very enjoyable Balvenie without doubt, even if it is a little oak heavy (see footnote). I would love to taste this at a higher strength and see the mouth feel and finish inline with the richness of the nose.

Footnote: Once opened this bottle seemed to change quite noticeably over time. Where once the tropical fruit was higher in the mix it later dropped back and become rather subtle. The oak seemed to become more dominant also.

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LeFrog commented

This is one I haven't tried but i hear a lot of good things about. I will pick a bottle up if I ever see it on offer.

Seems quite reasonably priced for a 21 year old whisky.

12 years ago 0

Dougful commented

@Stu R I read somewhere that the duty free retail version of this comes in at 47.5%. Hope that you can try it at that strength.

12 years ago 0

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