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Balvenie Tun 1401 Batch 3

Living Legend

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RReview by @Rigmorole

6th Oct 2013


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I can safely say that a glass of Batch 3 can be numbered among the best I have ever tasted. The nose was sublime, the palate incredible, and the finish long and extremely satisfying. Balvenie at its very very best.

Since this bottle is no longer available for purchase, I won't include tasting notes. Suffice it to say it marries sweet with fruit in a magical way that evokes hints of dried compote, red apples, berries, and citrus (mainly in the finish) along with caramel, nougat, white chocolate, and a hint of smoke.

If you can taste Batch 3, do so. You will NOT be disappointed. And if you find this bottle for purchase through some act of privilege or serendipity, please allow me to call you a fool if you do not buy it, provided you can afford the blessed bloody thing.

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talexander commented

There is a bottle of Batch 3 on auction next Sunday in NYC - I've made a bid on it...we'll see if I get it!

8 years ago 1Who liked this?

Jonathan commented

The Total Wine in Towson MD has it for $259.99. Price point is a bit high for me, but it is tempting after this review.

8 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

Actually, it probably has the Batch 6. The Batch 3 is about three times the bottle. Sorry to pee on your parade ; ). If they have the Batch 3 then you really should re-think your reticence.

8 years ago 0

Jonathan commented

It's okay--it would be beyond my means in any case.

8 years ago 0

Jonathan commented

I just called them. It is indeed Batch #6.

8 years ago 0

Rigmorole commented

talexander: see my private comment

8 years ago 0

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