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Black Bottle

Oil have another!

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@KalekasReview by @Kalekas

25th Oct 2010


Black Bottle
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Excuse the dreadful pun in the review title, but that's the most obvious characteristic of this delicious 'blend of all the Islay malts'. I quote from memory - indeed this review is a remembrance of the many drams of Black Bottle because I picked it up by chance while I was in Gozo and I can't get it here in Spain.

Once you adjust to the mouth feel of this fine blend (and by God it is an oily big charmer) you next appreciate the lovely balance between grain and malt spirit: it's replete with what Jim Murray describes as young, 'nippy' grain balanced with a touch of smoke.

I'd gone in search of a bottle of Jameson's as my holiday tipple and a dusty Black Bottle sitting nearby tweaked my curiosity and impelled me to try something new rather than the reliable old friend and standby.

I'm so glad I decided to take a punt on this one because it was absolutely delicious. I finished the bottle with a sense of regret that I probably wouldn't find another bottle of this stuff until I return to Gozo.

So if you see a Black Bottle sitting on the shelves of a bar or in a shop, and you haven't yet tried it, do give it a go. In my opinion it's up there with the best of the blends.



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jdcook commented

I've heard good things about this particular blend. Unfortunately, I've never run across it here in Australia...

13 years ago 0

dbk commented

It's rare that a pun inspires more than a groan from my throat, but yours got a hearty—if nerdy—chuckle! Fun review, @Kalekas!

13 years ago 0

OJK commented

Great review (and as a fan of cheesy puns I must congratulate you on the title!) - Black Bottle is a favourite and definitely a top 5 bar-shelf blend, up there with Bailie Nicol Jarvie and Ballantine's as examples of whiskies punching many leagues above their weight (and often winning the bout).

13 years ago 0

BlackBottle commented

Great pun and great review, thanks! great to see that people enjoy our blend.

12 years ago 0

monty commented

What I find stunning about Black Bottle is the quality to value ratio.

Every bar in the world should be serving this (or Bailie Nicol Jarvie) instead of the same old generic blends (you know the ones).

For now, however, it remains the preserve of those folks 'in the know'.

12 years ago 0

Eirikur commented

Thanks for a great review. I try not to buy this bottle too often because then the other blends get left out :) When I am having a "blends" dram session with friends this fantastic blend along with Teachers Ballantines 12yo and Chivas 18yo always tend to get finished first.

12 years ago 0

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