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Blanton's Gold Edition

Golden Sand, Golden Hair

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@mystycreekReview by @mystycreek

20th Jan 2017


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When I was traveling in Japan last February, I have visited a few liquor stores in Tokyo, some of them have tasting for very cheap fee, so I tried a few scotch, cognac and Japanese whisky. I knew very little about bourbon at that time, but I had some impression about Blanton's stylish bottle, so I asked to have a taste. I can't remember which Blanton's was I tasting, but it was really impressive. After coming back to Taiwan, I noticed a new liquor store is importing Blanton's from Japan, so I gladly paid about $65 usd to get this beauty.

This is bottle No.79 from barrel No.110 on Rick No.39, which was dumped on September 1, 2015. It has been opened for about 50 days.

Nose: Woody and spicy, some sweet flower hidden in the background. Vanilla, white pepper, caramel, cinnamon and jasmine tea.

Palate: Smooth and slightly sweet, underlying some spicy rye flavor. Orange, cherry, vanilla, ginger and tobacco.

Finish: Not strong but long lasting. Perfumed rose and herbal tea mingle together ,followed by a touch of sweet corn.

Balance: The body is not too heavy, this bottle becomes spicier and drier with air exposure, yet still smooth and elegant, very drinkable.

I love the bottle design, love the delicious juice, classy in every aspect. Unfortunately the floral and tea-like finish calmed down after two weeks, and the body becomes thinner now. I much prefer this whisky when it was fresh, all the flavors were so lively and sweet, I can give it 93-95 pts in the first two weeks, and about 90 pts now.

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casualtorture commented

Bottles change so much as they are left opened. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.

6 years ago 0

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