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Blantons Straight From The Cask

Thick and Full Flavoured

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@ElCocosReview by @ElCocos

17th Apr 2014


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Nose: Maple syrup, caramel, cherry cola, sweet nose.. Mint, eaculyputs candy, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves of course, took some time before I got the vanilla, lays beneath the thick sweet notes and pointy spices. Apple pie, apple juice, apple hard candy and raspberry candy. Water can make the nose more attainable and gives it a more cognac character on the nose and even more on the palate(a balanced medium sweet cognac), but I like to drink it straight.

Palate: Rich and loaded with flavour from the start, the first bourbon where I get a full flavorburst experience right after entering the mouth on the tip of tongue. Flavours translate well from nose to palate. It is never too warm, of course it gets too hot if u take a big sip and/or hold it in ure mouth to long since its 64.8%abv.. But if u adjust ure sips accordingly, its well behaved in the mouth, thick and packed with flavour, quality from start to finish. Its typical bourbon notes, just a richer experience.

Finish: In the latter development and towards the finish it reminds me of cognac, cognac spices and fruit notes lay alongside maple syrup, vanilla and butterscotch salt/sweetness. There is also some espresso spices and smoke, and a tone of raspberry bonbon lingering in the roof of mouth. Medium too long finish..

Balance: Sweet/sour, oak and spices, nothing sticks out to much and seems to be in perfect balance. Its pretty sweet on the palate, but counters that with loads of flavour and spices in the development.

This was from a freshly opened bottled I tasted at my dads house, think it was bottle 28 from 2013. I will be getting a bottle for my birthday later this year, so a more detailed review perhaps will come for that one..

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Victor commented

@ElCocos, thanks for your nice detailed review.

Sazerac Company and Buffalo Trace distillery do not own the Blanton's brand. For whatever reason, the owners of the brand have chosen to sell Blanton's Straight from the Barrel only outside the United States. It is wonderful intense stuff, though! Try some if you get the opportunity.

8 years ago 0

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