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JayRain started a discussion

Thought it would be interesting to see what folks have as open inventory (respect the fact that those w heavy number of open bottles would pass on this thread) and maybe even facilitate sharing opportunities among near proximity connosrs.

Having recently opened a few bottles - here goes my list across all alcohol types:

Scotch * Ardbeg Corryvreckan (57.1% ABV) - mmm, craving a taste just thinking of it * GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 4 (54.7%) - not that impressed yet, so going to leave for six months and see how it evolves * Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength (60%) - need a bit of water for this 10 YO goodie * Springbank 10 YO (46%) - a well-respected, reasonably-priced 'everday' dram

Bourbon & Rye * Angel's Envy Rye (50%) - contrary to most, I am an Envy fan and being aged in rum casks enhances a little more sweetness from this bottle * Bookers 7 YO Batch 2015-01 (64.35%) - been a while so will need to revisit but recall a nice caramel flavor that went down easy considering the ABV * Forester's Old Birthday Bourbon 2016 - this 12 YO won me over at first sip and will enjoy for years to come * WhistlePig 13 YO Boss Hog (61.35%) - favorite open bottle that wallops a flavor punch

International Whiskey * Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique Cask Strength (59.2%) - surprisingly light considering the ABV and a nice citrus nose. My favorite international to date other than the Yamazaki 18 (which was finished way too quick a few years ago) * Nikka Taketsuru 12 (40%) - was a gift and keep it for friends who are curious to try * Nikka Tsuru 17 YO (43%) - a much better finish than the Taketsuru and look forward to seeing how it ages

Gin * Bluecoat Barrel Aged Gin (47%) - aged in oak, absolutely splendid w hints of pepper. No need to add anything to enjoy this beauty (other than ice) * Dictador Colombian Aged Gin (43%) - my first introduction into rum-barrel aged gin which I loved. Second bottle is not as enjoyable as the Bluecoat or even the under-rated Beefeater Burrough's Reserve * Sipsmith VJOP (57.7%) - prefer to add a citrus-oriented bitter and some lime for this exceptional gin

Rum * El Dorado 25 (43%) - has been a staple for the past 5-7 years; alas our time is coming to an end as there are equally enjoyable rums (it has tapered off a bit over the last couple of years) at a fraction of the cost * El Dorado Demerera - so easy down the throat and best rum at its pricepoint * Ron Zacapa Solero 23 YO (40%) - a little bit harsher than I would like (especially when compared to a Costa Rican Ron Centanario at the same age) - would not recommend

Cognac * Camus Elegance XO, Hennessy XO, Martell XO (all 40%) - each are nice in their own way (Camus and Martell possess a lighter finish to the Hennessy) but none compare to the Napoleon 21 which was cognac divinity

Mexican * Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila Lot 16 - for a blanco tequila, this is superb - ultra smooth down the throat yet a strong agave taste * Marcanegra Mezcal - admittedly, still trying to figure out if I am a Mezcal fan but do appreciate the extended nose and balance of agave & smoke

Other * Hills Small Batch Absinthe (70%) - much easier than the shine they sell at the LCBO - still prefer w a little sugar and water that creates a pleasant taste (if you are into absinthe that is) * Kinmen Kaoliang 2010 (58%) - a gift from Taiwan - absolutely horrid and don't know how people can enjoy * Premium Taiwanese Liquor in a ceramic vase - equally as bad but a gift so it remains in the collection (two other full bottles from different years - gifted one away and a full one that will one day be opened to compare
* Youri Dolgoruki Vodka - strictly for guests who want a mixed vodka drink

Fingers crossed that the formatting was done correctly...interested in what other's have open in the cabinet...thanks for reading...jr

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JayRain replied

nope - did something wrong as the * were supposed to be bullets

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paddockjudge replied


I can't resist this topic.

I too enjoy Booker's 205-01 and have one open. The Boss Hog is an amazing release of Single Barrel Rye, uncut and unbelievably delicious. My bottle is long gone and not likely to soon be replaced at the current price of $300+ CDN. I do have other open bottles of 100% rye from Alberta Distillers Limited. Currently open on the favourite shelf in my cabinet are Masterson's French Oak Finish barrel F2 033 and Alberta Premium 25 YO.

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Nozinan replied

@paddockjudge Is that your cabinet, or a liquor store picture? Mind you, what liquor store would carry those AP selections?

I have 57 open bottles (not including samples) which include about 27 Scotch, 12 Canadian, 8 bourbon, 29 Single malt.

I think if you want more details check out my cabinet... it only lists open bottles.

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paddockjudge replied

@Nozinan, a well stocked shelf, in part, due to your kindness and generosity. tumbler_glass
Thanks for retrieving some of my favourites from Alberta. thumbsup_tone2

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Nozinan replied

@paddockjudge I know you're grateful, but really, one thank you would have been more than enough. It was the least I could do...

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MuddyFunster replied

Bourbon: Four Roses, Old Forester, Hudson Baby Bourbon, Eagle Rare Cocktail Trading Co store pick, Rebel Yell 10, Old Rip Van Winkle 10, Michter's Bourbon, Michter's 10, Rare Perfection 12, Elijah Craig 18, Blanton's Gold, Old Weller Antique 107, WT Rare Breed, Four Roses Small Batch LE 2015, Four Roses Small Batch LE 2016, Old Forester Pre-prohibition 1920,

Rye: Crown Royal Northern Harvest, Whistlepig 15, Willett 8 year old, Smooth Ambler Single Barrel Rye 9 year old, Thomas H Handy 2016

Scotch: Ardbeg 10, Auchentochan 12, Benrinnes 10 (The Old Malt Cask), Laphroaig 10

Irish: Jamesons, Teeling Single Grain

Japanese: Hibiki 17, Yamazaki 18

World: Westland Single Malt in American Oak, Starward

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Nelom replied

I don't have as many bottles open as I used to, as for the past long while I've been actively working on reducing my collection. And the best way to do that is to just drink what's already opened instead of opening new ones. Even if I don't always manage to keep to that mission, I do try to. :)

All that said, here's my current list:

  • Baker's 7 Years Old Bourbon
  • Dillon's Cask Strength 100% Rye
  • Evan Williams BiB
  • Gibson's Finest 18 Years Old
  • Gilead 66 Crimson Rye
  • Glen Breton Rare 10 Years Old
  • Glen Breton Ice 10 Years Old
  • Highwood Ninety
  • John Lee Bourbon
  • Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky
  • Old Grand Dad BiB
  • Pendleton's 1910
  • Stalk & Barrel Canadian 1+11

The last bottle I finished was Alberta Premium 30 Years Old. @paddockjudge was kind enough to give me a heel of it last year at the Ontario summit, and I had ever since debated what occasion would be good enough to have it. Then when I turned 40 last month I decided that that was a perfect moment to enjoy the greatness that is AP30. Thanks again paddock!

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