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Bowmore 100 Degrees Proof


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@yoriReview by @yori

19th Dec 2013


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At 100 degrees proof (UK) you are supposed to be able to wet gunpowder with it and still light it, as a test for undiluted spirit. In my opinion, some of this gunpowder was left with the whisky. I like the nose, with more smoke than the usual Bowmore and some other things going on, but on the pallate I sensed a burned rubber undertone, that took away all the promise in the packaging. This is potent stuff, and while I could drink it, and the burned rubber faded somewhat after the bottle was open for a while, it never really gained my enthusiasm, and I was happy the last of it was gone. I am not sure why I have detected this bad note - many of my friends who tried it didn't, but all said it was strong stuff, and not for beginners... Because I couldn't find anyone to share this impression (which I never had with any other whisky, some tasted the same night) I will not tell you not to buy it - just be aware that it is potent and powerful, and not your standard relaxation dram...


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PeatyZealot commented

I thought it was better than the 10 year old Tempest Batch 3 to be honest and I liked the strange green herby (rubber) note. With a little water it opens up nicely, did you try that already?

6 years ago 0

yori commented

I tried with a little water, than with a lot of water, then I gave the bottle away, then I contacted Bowmore. They wanted a sample, but the bottle was gone and they gave me a tasting pack - 3X200ml - which is great. I think there was something wrong with my bottle, but I will not buy another before I can try a sample somewhere... Plenty of other good whiskys at that price.

6 years ago 0

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