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Bowmore 15 Year Old - Darkest

After Dinner Desert

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@LarsReview by @Lars

23rd Apr 2011


Bowmore 15 Year Old - Darkest
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I went out and purchased this fine scotch after reading many reviews on it, and some helpful members who suggested I join "the Dark side".

When I first opened the bottle after a rich meal I thought I may have made a mistake by purchasing it. All I registered was how smokey this scotch was. I put it away that night but brought it out the following night with a few friends. It was like the bottle had changed overnight, the smokiness remained but other aspects also appeared.

Colour: Dark Amber

Nose: A touch of vanilla that develops into a chocolate cherry similar to a Mon Cheri then finishes with a slight brine smell.

Palate: A dry fruit and semi-sweet dark chocolate heaviness.... Ending with a subtle salt favoring

Finish: As the last drip of liquid is swallowed a sour cherry taste is noted giving way to a peatiness. Throughout there is smoke that lingers long after the the scotch is gone.

After sampling over the past week I've come to appreciate this scotch more and more. It seems to me that it improves after opening. This is not a light scotch but more, in my opinion, a fine after dinner treat.

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AboutChoice commented

@Lars, yup, a rich and flavorfull meal, will often ruin your malt :) Anyway, glad you eventually liked it !

13 years ago 0

j0h3ll commented

Great review. I take it that this one is more chocolatey and "heavy" than its 12 y.o brother? I've been finding the latter to be a little harsh and one dimensional lately...

13 years ago 0

Lars commented

Definitely more heavy than the 12 yr old and not too heavy on the chocolate more of a cherry taste to me. Funny thing is I've given this to new scotch drinkers and they prefer it to the lighter brands ie) Auchentoshan 12 yr, Glenfiddich 12 yr.

13 years ago 0

SquidgyAsh commented

Sounds yum my friend!! I wonder if it's possible that the new scotch drinkers find the Auchentoshan and Glenfiddich 12 yr olds are more basic and boring where this one seems to be a little more complex?

12 years ago 0

Lars commented

I was just at the local LC the other day picking up a Talisker when I noticed they jacked up the price of the Bowmore Darkest from $69 to $85. For $85 I would rather buy an Aberlour A'bunadh or 2 Aberlour 12yr. IMHO it's not worth the new price tag.

12 years ago 0

Wills commented

I am really enjoying this dram, this is great stuff. For me there is something special for this dram as to be referred as lamp oil. Plus the dark fruits and chocolate - yummy!

11 years ago 0

dutch commented

this review has left me watermouthingly. Definitely gonna try this dram!

11 years ago 0