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Bowmore 15 Year Old - Darkest

Great weekend dram..

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@WhiskyAndMeReview by @WhiskyAndMe

18th Apr 2014


Bowmore 15 Year Old - Darkest
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Bowmore's a distillery with a great legacy but over the past few years they have been subject to quite a bit of criticism for a few below par releases. I have visited this distillery and I really love the place and that makes me a bit biased towards everything that they bring out and this is one of those expressions that keeps my faith going strong in this lovely distillery.


Lovely heavy sherry notes characteristic of the Oloroso casks that have been used to mature this spirit for 15 years followed by some dry black raisins with vanilla and some nice woody tones that comes along.

A bit of oxidizing bring out some lovely dry flowers aromas with some green apples and mild citrus notes as well


There's some nice salty caramel notes as well some sweet toffee notes coming out together. Seems like the proximity of the distillery's warehouse to the sea is adding the saltiness to the caramel notes. There are also hints of peat and smoke which is always good if your an Islay whisky fan. Noticeably this whisky is nice and syrupy on the palate which is pleasing too.


I'd say the finish a medium one not too dry once again.. Some woody notes, a bit of peat.. mildly sweet and spicy flavors are that you get before its gone!

At approximately GBP 47.. I'd say this is a really nicely priced weekend dram.. :)

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FMichael commented

In terms of 'smoke', and peat - how does this compare to a Highland Park, or a Lagavulin?

9 years ago 0

Nozinan commented

I was not impressed with this one. And the price difference in Ontario between this and the cask strength 15 YO Laimrig, one I really enjoyed, is only about five dollars...

9 years ago 0

WhiskyAndMe commented

@FMichael for me.. the recent Bowmore's have not really been about too much of peat as one would come to except from an Islay whisky (this is not to undermine them by any means).. and so for the smoke and peat would be a lot more than the Lagavulin.. the Highland Park's is probably a lot closer in terms of the peat and smokiness.. although to be honest I'd need to sample a lot more of them to actually make a more informed statement... :)

9 years ago 0

WhiskyAndMe commented

@Nozinan.. I've heard a lot of good things about the Laimrig so I am curious to try it and compare them especially given that both of them are matured in sherry casks...I won't say this 15 year (i.e. the Darkest) old is the best.. but it certainly isn't too bad either

9 years ago 0