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Bowmore Legend

Tame smokiness

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@sailormanReview by @sailorman

24th Aug 2012


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Bowmore Legend – a budget Islay single malts on the market for less than US$30.00, no age statement, nice pale amber color (I wonder how it would be without the caramel. Nose: curiously, there is no overwhelming peatiness in this whiskey. My impression is that there are some notes of fruits, mainly pears, even a whiff of sherry, almost a little bit sour, or is this my stuffy nose? Anyway, this is different from the comments of someone on the internet who said that it smells like soaked band-aid. He even said it tastes like that, but I seriously doubt if he has ever had a try on bandages… Palate: now, the peat is there, not too pungent, maybe a tad watery, giving way to sugary (not honeyed) sweetness, mingled with cold, stale smoke, but not too bad. Finish: the smoke lingers on, but there is not much more in it, rather one-dimensional. This is my first Bowmore in ten years. The last one I had was an old-style Bowmore Surf, better than this one, saltier and with a better balance between sweetness and peat. In summary, a very drinkable entry-level Islay whiskey, nothing special, without the brutality of a full-grown single malt.

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wil commented

I agree with the review, excellent! Tasting of wet band-aid, what a joke. Maybe that joker that wrote that comment was sifting his dram through a wet band-aid before tasting. More of peat on the palate than in the aroma. I do like the finish of the peat smoke lingering on. Good value. Stay thirsty my friend.

10 years ago 0

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