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Bruichladdich 10 Year Old The Laddie Ten

Bruichladdich Has Arrived In Style!

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@rwbenjeyReview by @rwbenjey

7th Feb 2013


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Very, very impressed. This rivals many of the bottlings from the West Highland region in my opinion (Clynelish in particular). The maritime flavor profile is not lost at all and without the peat, you get to enjoy a little more of the fruity and floral notes in this beautiful whisky. Highly recommended!

PS - Popping the cork for the first time unveils a somewhat strange nose. Give it the time it deserves : )

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Rigmorole commented

Laddie Ten vs. Clynelish. Which is better? (Say, if one had only enough money to buy one of these similar tasting bottles.)

I've tasted the Clynelish. I thought it was okay, but it didn't blow me away. For the low price, it's quite a bargain, however.

In Oregon, USA,

Laddie Ten sells for: $65 Clynelish sells for : $47

That means Clynelish is about one third cheaper. I read reviews of how great the Laddie is for its price. Well, here in Oregon, it is priced higher than any other ten year. Talisker, for example, sells for $57 here.

One thing that I like about Clynelish is that it vats quite well with other whiskies. So does Talisker and so does Caol Ila.

By the way, Ardmore peated does NOT blend well with other whiskies. The unpeated Ardmore does, however, as we all know.

8 years ago 0

rwbenjey commented

In my opinion, I would say they are about on par. I need to give the Laddie a little more time, but there were a few flavors and smells with the Clynelish that brought back some rather old and fond memories (bonus points). If I had to choose, given the prices you mentioned, I would go with the Clynelish. But if you haven't tried the Laddie, the extra cost for something new can be justified : )

PS - Don't be afraid to visit any and all liquor shops in your area. Prices can fluctuate by quite a bit sometimes.

8 years ago 0

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