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Bruichladdich 18 Year Old 2nd Edition

No happy end for me.

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@WillsReview by @Wills

4th May 2012


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This whisky goes in 2 directions for me. The first part is really nice, the nose and the palate.

I got some Sherry-like smell in the nose, although this one is not matured in sherry-casks. It's finished in spanish sweet wine casks. There is also some fresh- and saltiness in the air.

The palate again is somehow sweet with dark fruits in the foreground. It is creamy and reminds me of dark jam. At one point I got some honey melon. And there is the taste of nutty wood, a little bit like salted peanuts too.

Then we come to the finish, the part I don't like for this whisky. It's too bitter in my opinion and also sour at one point. Also it is very dry and gives me a coated tongue. That's really no happy end for me.

Overall it is still no bad whisky. You have to try for your own ;)

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vanPelt commented

@Wills- Thanks for the review. I am planning to try the Bunnahabhain 18 soon, so I noticed that you commented on OJK's review of it. Were you referring to the Bunnahabhain 18-- or to the Bruichladdich 18 (which you have posted here)?

9 years ago 0

Wills commented

Hi @vanPelt

Yes you are right, I completely got confused the night I wrote the comment on OJK's review. I was referring to this Laddie 18 ofc. Maybe I was a little upset...

Btw. Mark discovered the same for the finish: connosr.com/reviews/bruichladdich/…

Hope you read Marks review, he gives tons of great info as usual ;)

9 years ago 0

Wills commented

And I would love to hear your opinion on this one! You are going to try it in a bar or are you sampling it?

9 years ago 0

vanPelt commented

Thanks @Wills, It was the Bunn* not the Bruich* that I planned to try (and have reviewed now!). But I think based on your review here, I will look to sample this Bruich* before committing to a bottle. The palate does sound interesting, finish notwithstanding.

9 years ago 0

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