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Buffalo Trace Single Barrel 8yo

My Birthday Bourbon

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19th Dec 2018


Buffalo Trace Single Barrel 8yo
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This is a Buffalo Trace single barrel store pick from CNG Wine and Spirits here in Nashville. Thanks to the owner Sid Patel for picking out a nice barrel.

This bourbon was barreled on March 30, 2010, which is significant to me because March 30 is my birthday. This is aged 8 years, 7 months and 7 days, and was bottled on Oct 6, 2018.

Sample is neat in a Glencairn.

Nose: Strawberry frosting jumps out front. Buttery, vanilla notes and lots of strawberry cream. This is followed by a bit of an earthy vegetal note, cooked green beans or peas of some sort. I prefer the frosting.

Palate: Fruity. Ripe pineapple, juicy-fruit gum, vanilla. Berries again. Very oaky on the tail end. It's only 45% but you might even think it was lower. You almost can't even tell this is alcoholic.

Finish: Very oaky. Very, oaky and drying with more vanilla, honey and berries.

Overall: Definately better than standard BT. It's hard to beat a good store pick. This was $24.99 for an 8yo SB. Good pick, Sid. Even better that it was barreled on my birthday!

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paddockjudge commented

A Birthday Barrel, now that is cool!!

5 years ago 1Who liked this?

cricklewood commented

So when are we buying a Connosr barrel of Whistlepig? That would be like birthday and Christmas, Hanukkah and everything rolled into one.

5 years ago 2Who liked this?

Nozinan commented

@cricklewood Is it oily? If it's not oily it's not Chanuka...

And it certainly isn't Passover.... unless it's made from quinoa or potatoes.

5 years ago 0

cricklewood commented

@Nozinan if we get it unchillfiltered then it will definitely be oily, as for Passover we are going to be transgressing, isn't the Quiona thing controversial depending on which Rabbi you're following? it definitely will not be made of potatoes but I guess we could smuggle it in potato sacks?

5 years ago 0