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26th Aug 2014


Buffalo Trace
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On the nose, I have vanilla, corn, nutmeg, sawdust and a hint of milk chocolate mint. After a while the rye spices take over, so does the milk chocolate mint with some cherry and orange.

The rye spices are really taking charge on the palate; the burn is well balanced by the mint that is more present now. The fruits flavours are vanishing rapidly with a little flash of liquorice at the end.

The finish leaves you with a soft sawdust more corn and sweetness and a little kick of bitterness if you breathe by the mouth. Quite long, the finish is not as complex as the nose but really enjoyable.

Now, I really like this new bottle, but if I would have reviewed my previous bottle, I would have not given it more than 76! There was no flaws but it was simply corn and sugar: almost no spices and some shy wood. I only bought this new bottle because it was on special. So, I am now questioning myself: Is there a consistency problem with BT or was I simply unlucky with an exceotionaly poor bottle. The scoring by my fellow malt enthusiasts, for this bourbon, are not helping me. So let the real BT stand up. Myself, I don't know which one is the real one.

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Victor commented

@Robert99, you are not imagining. There is a good bit of batch variability with standard Buffalo Trace, at least as far as my experience with it goes. I've never bought a bottle of it, and, probably never will, for this very reason. I've had solidly good, just ok, and one very horrible 50 ml mini of standard Buffalo Trace. I've said before on Connosr, that I like standard Buffalo Trace bourbon OK, but that I like almost every one of the 20+ other bourbons made at that same distillery more.

(stay away from Old Charter 8 yo)

9 years ago 0

Robert99 commented

@Victor, Thank you for the warning. Now that I tasted a better bottle of BT, I will try to find one of their other bourbons, something I was not incline to do before. Unfortunately, I will probably have to wait to my next vacation to the states. By the way, I just wrote a review of this year Pike Creek 10 yo that may interest you.

9 years ago 0

Elapid commented

I had a bottle that initially I didn't like at all, had a rather pepper alcohol finish that I just didn't quite understand. That was the first dram from a newly open bottle. In a couple of days I thought I should give it another chance. My nose is stuffed up so nothing there but, the palate was oak and honey..The finish ended up sweet pepper with a touch on anise and the finish had long legs and hung around.

This is a good dram and has all the expectations of a good Bourbon. I have "tested" several bottles now and find it to be consistently a good bourbon.

9 years ago 0