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Buffalo Trace

Too harsh and not tasty

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@MaxReview by @Max

11th May 2012


Buffalo Trace
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Granted, I'm not a bourbon professor. But I liked Jim Beam and Jack Daniels for being different (than scotch) with plenty of playful vanilla.

And this bourbon just did not impress me at all. I tried it three times and found it too harsh, and way too oaky, with just a hint of vanilla. It has bitter taste and finish. What is it? Rye?

It tastes like cheap cogniac/brandy with oak dominating and bitter aftertaste.

Maybe it's a bad bottle, but I don't think I'm buying it again. There are other decent bourbons awaitng.

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happyman commented

I'll have to disagree with you on this one. I've recently (last year) been drinking burbons to supplement my love of scotch. Buffalo Trace has been one of the better ones. Try it with a little water. For some, the alcohol may be a little harsh. But it's been very enjoyable. And Costo features it at a good price!

12 years ago 0

Max commented

Ok, it is mellowing out. It developed one nice and prominent flavor which I tend to like - a cherry jam. It is noticeable in a nose but more so in a finish. I'd give it another +5 points for that. Palate is still flat and too oaky.

12 years ago 0