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Bushmills 16 Year Old 3 Wood

Warming up to this after a few sips

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@CarlReview by @Carl

5th Feb 2011


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Well, having only yesterday reviewed the Black Bush - and given it 100% - and saying that I probably would not try another Bushmills because the Black Bush is so outstanding....

After work today, I found myself at a downtown liquor store, wanting to kill a bit of time before dinner and checking out the Scotch Single Malt and Irish Whiskey. I was planning to leave with another bottle of Black Bush, but my eyes were drawn to a ticket on the shelf: "Manager's Special Bushmills 16 Year Old $15.00 off!" Of course, I simply had to have it!

After dinner, at a wonderful French Bistro tonight, I tried a Bushmills Old for the first time. I enjoyed it, just a bit rough compared to the Black Bush. Now that I am home, I cracked open the 16year old. There is no doubt that this is an exceptional whiskey. Matter of fact, I have to admit that I am enjoying the Irish Bushmills more than any Scotch Single Malt, and I have quite a few. My first impression of the 16 year old, nosing it, was of dry sherry. I found the first taste a tiny bit harsh, which I did not expect. I also find more of an alcohol burn than I would expect, especially after the Black Bush. Also a bit of the Bourbon, which may account for that? Makes for a very complex and interesting dram. I didn't think I would like it, but the port finish is very distinctive and quite nice, being a fan of port wines myself. The very first port wine I ever tasted was on a British Airways flight from Vancouver to London, and after dinner was served with an absolutely magnificent Stilton Cheese. I digress. But I had to throw that in, as a tribute to British Airways. It was also my first taste of English Stilton, and I am sitting here thinking how wonderfully well this fine 16 year old would go with a slice of Stilton. I think that the rest of this bottle will be saved for just such an occasion.

This is a most magnificent whiskey, and I am really becoming quite fond of it the more I sip it. My feeling is, however, that I will never find a better one that the Black Bush. Having tried the 16 year old, and the Old, however, I must at some point try the 10 year. I seem to find with the Irish Whiskies, that I prefer the younger ones to the older, as I do with Single Malt Scotches. At least now, with the 16 year old, I have tried a real Singl Malt Irish Whiskey! An intriquing and delicious dram,Thank you Bushmills! Pardon my Nose, Body and Palate wordings, not real good at the descriptions. Cheers, Carl

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