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Canadian Mist Collingwood

Just Too Sweet

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@VictorReview by @Victor

27th Nov 2013


Canadian Mist Collingwood
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Collingwood Whisky is made at the Collingwood, Ontario distillery, owned by Brown Forman. Collingwood, Ontario is a very nice tourist town with good fishing, skiing, and a variety of other outdoor activities. The reviewed sample is courtesy of @Pudge72. I am uncertain how long the bottle had been open when I sampled the whisky, but I believe it to be less than one year

Nose: sweet, with orange, lemon, wine, maple, and even some pear. This is a very Canadian-style whisky nose, i.e. sweet, fruity, winey, old wood. Score 21/25 all whiskies; 21/25 within the Canadian genre

Taste: very sweet from the gitgo, sweet lemon, maple, with some spice from rye coming after. Score 20/25 all whiskies; 21/25 Canadian only

Finish: stays sweet...and cloying. Plenty of wood, not of great quality, and some adequate spices from rye. Score 19/25 all; 20/25 Canadian

Balance: for me, Collingwood is just too cloyingly sweet, which destroys balance. Collingwood has enough flavour, and the grain flavours are good, but the other components are just ok under the avalance of honeyed sweetness. Score 18/25 all whiskies; 19/25 Canadian

Summary scores: 78/100 all whiskies; 81/100 Canadian whisky category

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